Coaching For Individuals

Business Coaching Outdoors

You want to get better at dealing with people; either your colleagues or those who report to you. This will make you more productive, benefitting the organisation, and give you less stress, which is a huge benefit to you.

Work and Life go hand in hand and often coaching in one area spills into the other. However if you already know that you want to focus solely on your life away from your workplace then go to the Life page instead.

There are other reasons why you might come to me (or send one of your team to me):

  • You want to improve yourself so that you can be more effective at work
  • You want to improve your work environment (i.e. move elsewhere) because you don’t feel like you fit any more
  • You’re starting to think about retirement and want to consider your options, in which case go straight to the Tapestry of My Life page

You might be experiencing pain from:

Dealing with People

You know you don’t deal well with people around you. It shows in your communication, delegation, motivation of staff, handling of differences. You’re getting the wrong results from your interactions with them.

Personal Ineffectiveness

You don’t manage time well, are constantly fire-fighting and frequently working late. You feel harassed and the stress is getting to you, possibly physically as well as mentally.

Missing Your Targets

Whether it is targets set by your boss or personal goals for your career, you’re not meeting them and that needs to change.

Values and Important Things

You’re not comfortable with some of what you are doing because it clashes with your ideals. You need to realign and remember what is most important for you, and then focus more time and effort in that direction.

What are you going do next?

‘Nothing’ is an option, but won’t take away the pain you’re experiencing

Or call me for a chat. It won’t cost you anything. I’ll listen to what the issues are and make suggestions about how business coaching outdoors can help – you can take action, or not.

What can you expect?

There’s not a typical intervention because everbody’s situation is unique. However as part of business coaching outdoors I will probably use tools such as a DISC Profile (read a case study) or a Time Management Profile along with a wealth of other ideas to help you lead yourself and others better.

We can have a one-off session or a series depending on how deep you want to go; read more on that here , or ask me to explain it in greater depth

Case Studies

To find out more about how I used business coaching outdoors with leaders before, to give them greater understanding of themselves and their people then read the case studies.



Jay Duncan, MD

I’m happy to chat to you for free in the first instance, to see if coaching would benefit you and whether we ‘fit’ – I’d hate you to sign up for a series of sessions and decide after the first one that you don’t want any more (except in the unlikely event that we have dealt with all your topics in one go!)