My Philosophy

My philosophy of Outdoor Life Coaching has developed from my values and experience of working outdoors with people over many years.

Firstly, I have realised how powerful it is to be able to do things, to learn through experiences and not just think and write. The old Chinese proverb apparently says something along the lines of, “I hear, I forget; I see, I remember; I do, I understand” and this is something that even now underpins any work that I do. Consequently I have moved outdoors to coach people, going for a walk and talking as we go. The activity provides a memory for the coaching conversation that makes it stick for longer.

Many people are (or feel they are) square pegs in round holes. I believe that with good coaching and help they can grow and change to fit their hole better or enlarge or change their niche so that it fits them.

Walking and talking can also be more relaxed than sitting face to face in a room. There is no need to look at your coach whilst you think through your answers; you never feel under pressure or watched.

Walking may also conjure up images of some of the great walks you have experienced with other people; whether that is a romantic beach stroll or going down to the shops with your folks at an early age, there are generally better associations than with an office-type environment.

Being outdoors helps you to dissociate from the stresses and strains of everyday life. Once you are there, you can look back more objectively and decide how you want to work on it.

Finally I think¬† the surrounding sights and sounds often provide more inspiration as people look for solutions, drawing on the metaphors that can be found or created in the natural environment to reflect life’s experiences. Life is a journey, so there is an inherent metaphor there but I can also set up specific activities to reflect what you are facing in life – after you have tackled what I have set up, we can review how you faced it, to unlock secrets of how you deal with the analagous situation in life. Then we can draw parallels to help you.