Impacting Your Organisation

Are You a GameChanger?

Where can you make the biggest difference in your organisation?

Your expertise and experience are already well-known. It’s something that you can assess very easily for yourself, your colleagues or potential candidates.

Likewise someone’s personality can be assessed. You can find out how someone will interact with others in their team or department – how do they fit in? Go to the Understanding People page for more info on this.

What impact you, or someone else, will make to the organisation is probably something you’ve not given much in-depth consideration to. After all where do you start? Yet once you are in the right role, doing the right things effectively, you can make a bigger contribution that will improve results. Whether you are best at strategic thinking or getting projects completed, identifying your best role is crucial.

This is where the GC Index comes in.

It will help you to:

  1. Have more impact by focussing on where your energies lie.
  2. Streamline your leadership team so that everyone else also focusses where they can make the biggest impact, and stops getting in each others way.
  3. Recognise anything that is missing and therefore help you to recruit someone for the team to fill the hole..

Complete a short questionnaire and you willl get a report, to discuss in a coaching session. You can then take time for a leadership team session to discuss the results and how to make the most of them and what changes to make.

Order a GC Index for yourself and you will discover:

  • Your greatest impact in your organisation
  • Your approach to leadership
  • How you are creative and innovative
  • How you engage and influence
  • How you get things done
  • Which organisations you thrive in
  • How you work best in a team and who complements you

You can read more about the GC Index here.

I’m happy to chat to you for free in the first instance, to see if coaching would benefit you and whether we ‘fit’ – I’d hate you to sign up for a series of sessions and decide after the first one that you don’t want any more (except in the unlikely event that we have dealt with all your topics in one go!)