Walk with me

Outdoor coaching for teams and individuals

I help people to deal with people. With outdoor coaching, team members can work more effectively together, leaders can manage their staff for better results and individuals can deal with their life’s work to achieve what they want.

And I work outside a lot of the time or at least with experiential methods, because of all the extra benefits that this brings.

Coaching allows you to check what is the reality, plan what needs to be different in the future and move towards that.

Leaders – maybe it’s how you cope with a specific individual, holding difficult conversations or dealing with conflict. Outdoor coaching will make you more skilled, productive and therefore comfortable in your role. Read more

Teamsyou struggle to fully understand each other, communicate at cross-purposes (if at all) and conflicts and disagreements are never dealt with. Outdoor coaching will help you to see each other in a different way and build strategies for working productively together. Read more


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Why do I coach?

I want to help people grow and achieve things in their life, whether at home or at work, and coaching helps that process…

Who am I?

My name is Nick. I used to work in IT management, but I retrained in outdoor pursuits and working with people, not machines. I enjoy…

How do I work?

I like to walk and talk (although I have used cycling and canoeing as well). Basically, we can hold a coaching conversation outside…