Giving away the benefits

Ever since I was 16 and teaching Sunday School in Yorkhill Children’s Hospital, I have seen the benefit in helping young people to be more. Throughout my career but more especially since completing my Youth Work degree, I have sought to give back to young people and nowadays I do it by coaching them but also in assisting them to take part in projects that will push them and help them grow.

The xpand Life College is an example of some of the coaching work I do with young people. Checkout the Life College  website to get a better idea of what it is about.

My Recent Support

2013 – Kirsty Geddes went to Romania and Cara Forrest went to Malawi. Read more about their adventures.

2014 – A group of young people from Bishopbriggs Community Church went out to Estonia to do youth work there.
2015 – Bethan and Jenny went back out to Estonia to carry on with the previous year’s work

2016 – I went to Rwanda myself, to do some youthwork and building, and so instead of sponsoring someone else, I put that money into my own trip. I blogged briefly about it here

2017 – Sarah and Victoria went to the Middle East to work with refugee children. Read a few details in this blog post

If you have an idea that you think I might be interested in helping out with then get in touch. I’ll certainly give it due consideration.