Someone told me you should share your giving up goals with everyone and your gaining goals with only those people you know will encourage you. It made sense at the time and it’s still true today.

I was reminded of that advice yesterday watching Strictly on iplayer (it’s here for the next few days). I’ve always been a big fan of Brendan Cole and the way he works with his students. This week though, as he encouraged Kirsty Gallacher, I was reminded that this is exactly the kind of person we should be looking for to help us to achieve what we are aiming for. He teaches and coaches like all the other pro dancers but you also see him doing whatever he can to boost his partner’s belief in themselves and their dancing potential.¬† Not only that, when the celebrities¬†come under attack from the judges, he will jump to their defence.

As you think about your goal to get better at something, as we’ve been talking about recently, who have you recruited (or will do now) to help you get there? The Person Specification probably looks a little like this:

  • encourages you to keep going – helps you through the tricky patches when it’s not going brilliantly
  • believes you have the potential to achieve – can see from an objective viewpoint that you can do it when you push yourself, based partly on having seen you perform in other areas and achieve other things previously
  • supports you in your journey wherever they can – where they have know-how they will pass it on; where they don’t, they will help you find someone else who can teach you
  • defends you from criticism – helps you to fight back and stay strong when others are knocking your performance
  • lives in the real world – won’t just give you empty positive-speak but understands the realities of your situation and speaks into that because they don’t just believe, they know what is (and isn’t) possible

When I wanted to learn to drum, I found a respected drummer who could teach and encourage me (see the picture of Neil in last week’s blog). Who will you recruit to your team (in a paid or voluntary capacity) because they will help you to grow your skills?