I was walking and talking with someone this afternoon around their choice of venue, the University of Glasgow’s Garscube Estate, now home to a science park and a Polyomics centre (what’s that?) as well as the vet school.

Whilst the walk was refreshing and enlightening in itself, the venue had an impact on me. Since my dad worked at Glasgow Uni, I have lots of childhood memories of going to the big grassy fields to run around and play on a Sunday afternoon. I even looked out for the big chestnut tree we used to climb in but it seems to have disappeared, as organic things tend to given enough time.

The difference in the intervening years is huge; since it’s 30+ it’s not a surprise, just striking. It made me wonder if I would have been so shocked if I had been visiting regularly and the changes had been more incremental – probably not, in the way that any gradual change is accepted more readily.

I talk a lot about helping people to realise where they are actually at before they look at where they want to be and then get themselves there, with or without the assistance of coaching. That’s the nuts and bolts of what it is I do to assist folks.

Notice how much you have already achieved

It is only rarely though that I ask people to reflect on how far they have already come. However, it can be a useful exercise to notice how much you have already achieved with the time you have enjoyed up to now, to notice the improvements, learnings and successes, even the smallest things. You might notice a bad habit that you used to spend lots of time indulging is now gone – you can’t play with it any more. And the vast blank canvas of the fields, now filled with cutting edge businesses and technology, might help you to reflect on all the advancements that you have added in to your own life.

As we do so, we can become more motivated to chase down the successes we have in our future, to work that bit harder because we can start to see how much is really achievable.

If you want help to use your past successes to motivate you to achieve future goals then get in touch today.

And yes, that is me in the photo at the top – a lot has changed since then!