I looked out the window this morning and saw rain again. Someone said the summer was coming but I am more inclined to believe Ned Stark – ‘Winter is Coming’ – at the moment.

How do you react when the weather is bad? Living in the west of Scotland I meet two types of people. The first group are not at all surprised when it rains; they seem to expect it as the norm. They make little or no comment and rarely complain when the weather is damp. When it is sunny however they are pleasantly surprised and tend to make the most of it. On the other side are people who notice every rainy hour in a day and can tell you how many days it is since the last sunshine. They appear to be expecting good weather on a regular basis and are unhappy when the sky doesn’t produce the goods.

I like to think I am the former. I grew up in Glasgow and still have many memories of walking to school in the pouring rain and sitting in classes with completely sodden clothes. It was just the norm, we all experienced it. This is not to say these are my only childhood memories because I also remember revising for exams sprawled out in the sun-drenched back garden (he says hastily, unwilling to portray Glasgow as only wet!)

Whichever we are, how we react to circumstances like weather will have an impact on who we are and how much we enjoy life. The trite idea that when life gives you lemons you should make lemonade has a grain of truth in it. We can’t change the weather. We have to live with it. So how can we make the most of it.

Prepare for the worst. If we expect bad stuff then we can make preparations and plan for it. Maybe that’s by buying waterproofs (there’s no such thing as bad weather, only inadequate clothing) or other protection to keep us dry when we are out. Maybe as well as that, looking to organise our time so that we have things to do that are not impacted by the weather can help us work round the rain. Being able to postpone cutting the grass today and instead working on an indoor job prevents me being inconvenienced.

Prepare for the best.
As well as being ready for the bad stuff, look ahead and spot the potential good times. Plan things into them to make the most of those times. I tend to keep an eye on the forecast most days and when on Wednesday  I saw that there was sun forecast for Friday evening I planned a barbeque. In the end the weather was not quite as nice as forecast but it was still dry and the barbeque happened yesterday (although I neglected to cut the grass!) As well as enjoying the event itself, it feels like we somehow beat the elements. The memory helps me cope with the inclemence that is coming from the sky today.

Today I think will be spent writing (indoors) and possibly going shopping (in full waterproofs). Going out can wait!

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