the departure lounge


I’m sat in the departure lounge at Glasgow Airport – not somewhere I have beenĀ  often so far this year. Its quite quiet but everyone here seems to be in the same state of bored anticipation that I am. We’re not going anywhere exciting – its a flight to London Luton – and certainly for me the reason for flying is interesting but not thrilling (sorry Bitternes)!

It has made me think back to starting my first proper job for British Rail, as it was called in those days. I entered an office full of people who seemed to be a little bored, resigned to being there and certainly not excited by the prospect, looking forward with mild interest to the point when they would retire and life would become more fun.

Ever since coming into contact with xpand’s Creative Life Planning concept, I have realised how unwise it is to neglect playing and enjoying life until I am old(er) and grey(er). Lets spend time NOW doing things we enjoy.

Every time I think back to that first job, I wonder why people would endure a job that they tolerate at best and continually moan about. Some folks I knew had commitments to family support that scared them into not moving but for the majority, they seemed to be under the impression that life had dealt them this hand and they just had to put up with it.

Yes, there are obstacles but mostly they can be overcome – lets do it.