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Summary Diagram

On the right is a pictorial summary of the two mindsets, designed by Nigel Holmes and included in Dweck’s book – click on it to enlarge it.

Mindset by Carol Dweck

This is a must-read book for anyone interested in the way their brain works .

Introducing the ideas of the fixed and growth mindest, Dweck talks about how constrained we are if we allow ourselves to live with a fixed mindset. She details how it looks in different aspects of life and then provides hugely useful ideas of how to promote yourself to have a growth mindset.

Its relatively easy to read with ideas that are well-explained. This book is a masterpiece of our time that everyone should delve into.


Its simple. Get your average score by adding the four scores and then dividing by four. If your average is greater than 3 then you have more of a growth mindset. 3 or less suggests your mindset is more fixed. Now buy the book to find out more – its probably available in all good bookshops, online or otherwise.

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