Coaching For Life

Coaching for Life

If we honestly look at our lives, we know there are things that we might want to improve. Contrary to the front that most people put on for the public, none of us is perfect and has every area sorted. Have a think about where you might want to make improvements.

Which of the areas below do you already know you want to make changes to?


When you stop to notice, the things that are most important to you are not getting enough of your time. Maybe it's work that's taking over or other responsibilities and things that you feel you 'ought' to do getting in the way of what you want to do. You want to re-evaluate what's important and start spending your time accordingly.

Achieving Your Goals

It could be New Year's Resolutions, some form of bucket list or simply other things you have been struggling to achieve. You start with all the right intentions but motivation wains, other priorities press in and now you've lost your way and haven't reached your goal. You want to give it (another) go but with the help of someone to keep you going to completion this time.

Career Change

At some stage the career you are in seemed like a good idea, but now you're not so sure; or it has simply run it's course and you're ready for a new challenge. Because you have always focussed on your current job, you're not sure what options you have, or maybe you are even unsure how to go about looking.

Personal Direction

You no longer seem to know which direction your life is heading and , if you're honest with yourself, you're not sure how to go about putting that right. For now, you are simply plodding along in the same vein as the last few years, and you'll simply deal with whatever opportunities are presented to you.

What are you going do next?

If you have read this far, doing nothing and just putting up with the pain plainly isn’t in your thinking. Yes, making changes will have a cost involved, but if that is less than deaing with what you are living currently, then it is time to set out on a journey towards different and better. Here are some other suggestions:

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2. Take 10 minutes right now to think about what’s most important to you in life and if you are really giving it priority. If not, what could you change? You could use the values e-book or alternatively, think about what makes you angry – it is often linked to what you deem to be important.

3. Read some of the articles I have written to help you consider priorities and maybe make changes, big or small, to life. There is a selection here in the Resources section and also in amongst eveything else I have written on the Ezine Articles site

4. Get in touch for a chat. I’m always happy to be contacted and chat with you. I can pose questions and maybe make suggestions. If we agree that working together would be productive then future talks and walks would be chargeable, but this first call is free.

I’m happy to chat to you for free in the first instance, to see if coaching would benefit you and whether we ‘fit’ – I’d hate you to sign up for a series of sessions and decide after the first one that you don’t want any more (except in the unlikely event that we have dealt with all your topics in one go!)