I can imagine this will be an occasional series as she grows but already my new daughter is teaching me things. I suppose strictly speaking, she isn’t doing the teaching, but I am definitely learning through her arrival in my life. I am fortunate to have a degree of control over my diary and workload which has allowed me moments for self-reflection, often when my hands are full and my body is simply walking back and forth.

As with any big event like this, you know in advance that you will need to make changes, even if you don’t know what they will be. I am normally quite reticent about making enforced alterations – my personality is such that I prefer to choose them and complete the process in my own timescale but, unsurprisingly, Rebekkah is not allowing me that freedom. However I am finding that dealing with it all is okay. I seem to have been granted the serenity to accept the things I cannot change (nappies are not on that list, I’m managing fine thanks) and the wisdom to know that most of everything falls into that category just now! This is nice to see, that, despite my age, I can still adapt a bit in the way I react to life. This is true for us all though – we are not required to be bound by who we were yesterday.

The big improvement I’ve noticed already though is how I have adapted, learned new skills and just been able to get on with jobs that I have never done before. It’s amazing how well you can function with one arm when the other is simply taken out of the game by the addition of a small body. Not to mention the number of new tasks that can be done with closed eyes in the middle of the night. Daniel Pink says that mastering challenges like learning a new skill is something that intrinsically motivates people – we like to see ourselves achieving things and being better than previously.

So, whilst I wouldn’t advocate having a child to promote your learning and reflection, it is working for me, so let me pass some of the benefit on to you with the following questions to ponder:

  • How does your personality help you work effectively in your current role(s)?
  • How might you want to behave differently to be more effective or to enjoy life more?
  • How well do you react to change and how good are you at seeing the benefits of it?
  • What is the best skill improvement you have noticed recently and did it come about by accident or design?

If you are struggling with these or want help with the answers then I am happy to swap my nocturnal perambulations for daytime outdoor-coaching style walks with you. Get in touch for a chat.