I went to #TEDxGla2017 a few weeks ago to be inspired about leadership topics and many of the speakers were brilliant and gave me food for thought. More than most though, Jessie Pavelka changed me; in my thinking about me and my future.

He didn’t start promisingly for me. He was lauded by the comperes as a star of extreme dieting programmes both in the US and UK and I almost started to stop listening. He was talking about being inspired, but also linking it to being vulnerable. He wants you to be inspired by the unremarkable, the everyday stuff.

All good, but not blowing me away. I liked his idea that when we are vulnerable we can be both inspired and inspiring. He was warming to me and I was making more of a connection to him than I have done to the talks and writings of Brenee Brown (although to be fair I’ve never heard her live).

And then he started talking about his son and the inspiration he provides to Jesse. Some of you will know that fatherhood will become my lot in August. For those of you who don’t know me well, you may be surprised that the previous sentence comes across as not wholeheartedly excited and positive. You read it right. I’ve been struggling to see any attractions in a child who you can’t give back to the parents when a) you’re bored of playing with them, b) thy cry, c) they smell, d) all of the above.

However, Mr Pavelka inspired me when I wasn’t trying to be inspired (his words not mine) and, although I still don’t understand how it all works, I trust that there will be good and inspiring bits to the next few years. I just need to be open to receive them.

What else might we be missing if we willingly or unwittingly let the inspirations pass us by?

I won’t labour the point. Suffice it to say this this man has provided a big change in how I am looking at the future. Watch the video of his talk below – it’s 11:23 of your life well spent in my opinion. Treat it as a timely wake-up call to be even more aware of what is within reach and what inspirations are around if we are open to them, in the amazing and he unremarkable.