How Does it Work?

How Does It Work?

I mainly walk and talk, coaching whilst making the most of the outdoor environment. It doesn’t matter to me whether we are in the mountains or a park or if it is raining or sunny. I am happy for you to choose a location or let me make suggestions. I can also be persuaded to go indoors.

You get in touch with me, either by phone or email

We have a chat to get acquainted and discuss what you want and how it could work.

Based on what you learn you decide which coaching package best suits you (see below).

We agree dates, go walking and make progress.

Package Options

One-Off Walk

You simply need help making a decision about a single issue. A half-day walking gives us enough time to delve into the issue, consider the options and weigh them up.

Multiple Walks

What you want to deal with, overcome or solve will require ingoing coaching over several sessions, usually six is a good starting point, not an infinite number!

Premium Package

You want to deal with a longer issue but you want the premium package of ultimate support to maximise your chances of achieveing what you want. As well as a set of walks (again, usually six), this involves anything that you might find useful such as interim chats (phone or Skype) between walks, the potential for daily prompts via text or email, written notes of conversations and access to a wealth of other resources.


I am qualified to go walking, mountain biking, canoeing, climbing or sailing and am happy to use any of them as a vehicle to coach you although walking, sailing and flat water canoeing facilitate conversations best. But its your choice.

I mostly use venues across the west of Scotland, ranging from short mountainous routes to a stroll through the local formal gardens.  You can choose or I can suggest somewhere nearer to your own base.

I’m happy to chat to you for free in the first instance, to see if coaching would benefit you and whether we ‘fit’ – I’d hate you to sign up for a series of sessions and decide after the first one that you don’t want any more (except in the unlikely event that we have dealt with all your topics in one go!)