I looked across at the Imax
and Glasgow Science Centre.
Big once-shiny monuments;
a celebration and culmination of achievements past.

Today? Tarnished, jaded, possibly past their best.

I thought about life;
mine and yours.

What memorials are dotted along our lives’ paths?
Once proudly trumpeted,
a timely notification to everyone
of our attainment.

Now in decline,
rusty round the edges.
And in the middle.

Without being boastful
or inappropriately proud,
are they still part of who we are?

Have we let
their motivating power
to become sullied by the ravages of time?
How have we allowed our disbelief,
in our own prowess,
to mould and mildew their memory.

Remember your past successes with satisfaction,
he said to himself.

But do not forget the future
and all the possibilities presented.

David Eustace at TEDx said, “Where you come from should never hold you back from where you want to get to” which I agree with wholeheartedly. I would add that you shouldn’t hold on to the low points of the past so that they negatively affect where you are going.

But today’s lesson for me was to not lose sight of the highpoints, however inadequately elevated we now perceive them to be. Instead, pick out the shiny jewels of success and achievement; polish their memory and build on them. The future can be brighter.

I often ask coachees to write a list of achievements particularly when they are being unnecessarily hard on themselves. Try it for yourself. Write down everything you have ever done even vaguely well, which is memorable enough to still stay with you. It might be a singing competition when you were 8 or runner -up for Employee of the Month a week ago. Whether it elevated you miles above your peers or simply gave you 15 seconds of fame in your own backyard, note them all down. When you finish, put it aside for a while and later write some more. Read them back and remember how hard you worked and how proud you felt. Let it motivate and spur you on to your next achievement.

And if you struggle with that, get in touch for a chat to see how I can help you.