I was inspired by seeing another site in Glasgow this week following my previous words about the Science Centre. This time it was a partly-demolished building in front of a glistening recently-constructed block. I was reminded of it later in the day whilst recording with Greg Friel for the next Freil Thing podcast, when we talked about Jim Collins’ Stop Doing Lists.

Lots of us talk about being busy and not having enough time to do what we want or ought to do. Deep down we all know (I hope) that we will never be granted more than a normal allocation of 24 hours per day; the important bit then is how we choose to use them.

When we say we have no time, we are simply saying (to ourselves, or to other, demanding, people) that the new task is not important or interesting enough for me to stop doing something that is already in my diary or on my to-do list.

Ultimately, for all of us, if we want to start doing something different then we will have to stop a current activity to make way for the improvement. Maybe demolition is too strong; we might just need to mothball a project or idea for a season in order to lay the foundations of the new build. However we set it aside though, there will be a portion of who we are or what we do that will be lesser in the future.

This is good, and necessary. Without that cessation, there would be no growth, no development, no new successes.