Yesterday was a day of contrasts for me.

It was a fairly long day at church, from opening up, through the service and youth group to a leaders meeting after lunch. It was maybe no surprise then when I woke up on the floor of my living room at 7pm, having slept for more than hour. In some ways it feels like an admission of weakness but yet I kind of accept that it is simply a way of life with a five month old daughter.

They say tiredness is just a state of mind. I can still remember a peer-coach advising me to not look at the clock if I wake during the night – if my brain doesn’t register and think about the time then it can react more naturally.  It works.

The flip is also true though – when I tell myself how little I have slept I feel more exhausted.

Compare that to the episode of #SASWhoDaresWins  on Channel 4 last night where the 25 ‘recruits’ were being beasted to within a few inches of their life it seemed. At each turn they were finding that their bodies could keep going. In fact it seems that for the vast majority who voluntarily withdraw, it’s their mind that gives up and tells them to leave.

Where is your mind getting in the way of you achieving what you want? How can you help yourself, and where might coaching fit in?

Sometimes the only chance to be the best you comes when you get out of your own way.