Today I discovered a large office building in London practicing something I have realised is anathema to me.

Something that I have learned about myself this year is that I like consistency and I really, strongly dislike inconsistency. It annoys me in people, organisations and in processes. This has made me re-examine myself though to work out where there inconsistencies endemic in my thinking and actions. I suppose it also closely relates to authenticity which is something I have been teaching and coaching for ages.

With that in the back of your mind then, picture me on a course in London. I have come here to become a Certified Scrum Master, part of the growth for this year that I was talking about in the most recent newsletter (read it here if you don’t already subscribe). Yesterday when I walked in I dutifully approached the reception desk, signed in and was then ushered through the electronic gate by a rather bored-looking security man. Every time I entered or exited the training companies floor, I took the lift to the ground floor, retracing my steps past the guard. Use the picture below to pay I-Spy and spot the different barriers I have mentioned.


This morning, with an unfettered fitness fanaticism, I took the stairs when I came down from the eighth floor (and I went all the way back up. Twice), to get coffee in the corner of
the foyer (behind the red chairs). I popped out just by the big Z for Zing sign that you can see.

The stairs have no security on them.

The building is quite new and tenant companies are not fully bedded in. However, I also discovered that not only did the stairwell grant me access to every other floor, none of which are controlled by the training company I was a client of, but also allowed me the chance to wander around Floor 7 which is completely empty. It’s not just lacking people but everything, without so much as a partition wall to separate the vast floor into cubicles or rooms. Imagine an episode of Hustle where they set up an office on the fly and then, after the event, the connee goes back to look for them and everything has been disappeared. Some green tape marked where the corridors will eventually appear but that was it.

My point; either have security and enforce it, for whatever (mis) guided reason. But don’t have such a huge loophole that it makes the security guard totally lacking in any purpose. Be consistent in what you present to the world. Otherwise I’ll get annoyed.