My previous post was about getting more of what you want into you life and inevitably folk ask, ‘But what if…’ and come up with reasons why it’s not possible.

In fact whenever I talk about work- or life-improvement there are the naysayers who talk about why it won’t work for them. Sometimes they don’t believe they are capable of making changes which then becomes a goal in itself. More often though they ‘know’ that outside influences, people or circumstances, will prevent them achieving. It’s a valid point to an extent. I will always ask someone if their goal can be initiated and maintained solely by themselves; if they are reliant on other things falling into place then there is the danger that goal completion will not be reached since they are  outwith their own control. That’s a signal that it’s time to change focus even slightly to make success more definitely achievable.

However, there are circumstances and accidents that could suddenly afflict any of us, that will throw us off course. People who are not resilient enough will give in to the event, using it as their forever-excuse for failure. The rest of us will deal with the situation and its immediate aftermath before revisiting plans and goals, re-evaluating where necessary and then carrying on moving forward, even if the direction is changed somewhat.

I was struck this week by the story of Jordan Bone that I heard on Radio 1’s Newsbeat (see their photo above and read their article here). A car accident in her teenage years changed her life. It took her a wee while to come to terms with the results but now she vlogs about beauty as well as her beautiful struggle with life. Check out her YouTube channel to see more. She can’t dress herself but she can do her own makeup. She has found her way.

“I wanted to inspire people to realise that their struggles aren’t the end of the world and people can still achieve great things.”

She still has challenges and life is by no means easy but she hasn’t given in to that.

I wouldn’t have found her by searching because, strangely enough, beauty is not my bag, but I have loved exploring her story because to me it talks about perseverance, resilience and continuing to grow and move forwards – these are all things that I hold dear.

So if you want to be inspired today then I suggest you check out Jordan and what she does. You could read her book if it hadn’t already sold out.