Walk with me

Coaching outdoors for work and life

There is more to life, both in and out of work, than you are getting just now. Something needs to change in order for you to get that. Coaching changes things and makes life work better, and move in the direction you want it to go.

The future can be brighter.

I can help by providing you with coaching to make you a better leader, parent, achiever; in other words, to help you get what you want from life. Whether you are a team or an individual, spend time finding out who you are, decide (if you haven’t already) where you want to get to, and set plans in motion to get there.

Get regular inspiration

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As an additional free tool, you’ll be sent a download link for the Values workbook, to help you determine what is foundationally important for you.

Why do I coach?

I want to help people grow and achieve things in their life, whether at home or at work, and coaching helps that process…

Who am I?

My name is Nick. I used to work in IT management, but I retrained in outdoor pursuits and working with people, not machines. I enjoy…

How do I work?

I like to walk and talk (although I have used cycling and canoeing as well). Basically, we can hold a coaching conversation outside…